I am so excited to give you a tour of my largest design project to date, Oeste, with my dear friend Yayo! Today we’re taking a look at the Agave Room. 

One of my favorite places in the world is the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. It’s so fun because each of their rooms has its own theme like the Rock Room or Jungle Room and I loved the idea of each of the bedrooms at Oeste having its own distinct character.

The guest room was heavily inspired by a couple of trips Yayo and I have taken through Mexico, so we called it the Agave Room because of the Dunn Edwards paint color, Antique Coin, and beautiful agave garden right outside its window. The plant I’m most excited about though is the Angustifolia, which is used to make an agave-based spirit called Bacanora, because of its cultural history—something I’m always delving into for inspiration. 

A myth exists that the mother goddess of agaves, Mayahuel, may have had a bit too much Bacanora resulting in a fruitful and fertile one-night stand with Patecatl, a pulque god, and subsequently 400 children, which are depicted as rabbits. Ironically, when we first arrived at the property, all you could see was a bunch of rocks and bunnies, so it made perfect sense to make this room about that story.

Now, it may not be fine art, but to really highlight that narrative I hand-painted a mural of agave plants and what’s meant to be 400 bunnies in the style of the in-vogue Matisse Cut-Outs from the 1950s, which frames the bed. 

We topped the beautiful Rejuvenation Perkins Spindle bed frame in an organic, California-made Avocado Mattress. It was so incredibly comfortable and perfect for a great night’s sleep that we ended up using Avocado mattresses and pillows in all of the bedrooms and outfitted them in Rejuvenation bedding. As you can tell, I really love Rejuvenation, so while exploring different pieces I stumbled upon a color swatch for a loveseat that matched perfectly with the other colors in the room. I knew in that moment the chaise was an essential. To further complement the room, we went with one of Rejuvenation’s rugs with soft blue and green tones that play off of the agave garden so beautifully.

We accented the guest room with these gorgeous Troy Lighting lamps. I love the look of concrete here and how it brings incredible texture to the space. The way the grey offsets the green hues is really lovely too. 

What really adds character to the Agave Room is all of the fun little things in here like the bunny from my last trip to Oaxaca with Yayo, which we saw when we were dreaming up the Agave Room. I love the mix of beautiful new items from our incredible vendors with personal items like the silver dipped faux cow skull from my storage unit. It’s something my sister Amanda bought and hung above our fireplace mantel when we were living together in our early 20s that I never got rid of and am glad I didn’t! It’s just such a cool moment in here, especially alongside the gorgeous handwoven tapestry drawn over the loveseat that Yayo picked up while he was filming a documentary in Nigeria. 

Throughout the entire home you see these small treasures from our lives and travels together that reflect our personalities, which is really fun to see from room to room.

Thank you so much for joining me on the tour through our Agave Room at Oeste and stay tuned for more from my Yucca Valley project!