I’m so excited to give you a closer look at the den at Oeste—my latest design project with my good friend Yayo! It’s truly one of my favorite rooms and is really unique to the rest of the house.

The den had many lives before it came to be the Red Room. Originally, it was a garage that had been converted into a workshop and then a laundry room, so when we first walked in it was a bit of a mess. There were tons of plugs for no reason, a washer and dryer in the corner, and grease stains everywhere. I love the idea of a bonus room, so when I looked around I thought it should really be more of a screening room where you can come play cards, watch a movie on the projection system, enjoy a cocktail, and just have a really different experience than in the rest of the house. With Yayo being a cinematographer and me working as a director, having a space to really enjoy movies was important to us.

As you can tell, the color of the room is the main event. I’ve worked with Dunn Edwards on every property I’ve done design work on because I absolutely love their color palette. This color, Arabian Red, was heavily inspired by a shade I have in my own home called Spice of Life, which is this really rich and spicy oxblood that people really respond to, so we wanted to have that same effect here. I loved how it looked so much that I really just committed to it and decided this would be the Red Room where almost everything is a really nice shade of that hue.

This is definitely one of the more eclectic rooms in the house where a lot of the pieces in the room are found and borrowed. The couch is from my childhood home that I pulled from my parent’s storage unit, which I’m really excited to use again. But we also have some more modern details like the lighting fixtures, which are all from Hudson Valley Lighting. I love them because they’re kind of like the ‘50s due the ‘30s, so they’re a bit deco and a little mid-century, but are mostly reminiscent of a theatre marquee which gives it more of a glamorous and Hollywood feel.

I knew I wanted a lot of art on the walls, so I turned to Society6—a company I work with all the time because they have incredible artists on their roster and thousands upon thousands of different options, so you’ll always find something that’ll work with your vision. Yayo and I hung out and looked at the different pieces we felt would complement the room like the California poppies because they bloom here in the springtime, ones that kind of echo the desert and have a really beautiful color palette, and of course bunnies—there were so many on the property that having an homage seemed fitting.

My dad loves old posters, so the piece that drove the second color in here is the “Riders of the Deadline” poster my dad had bought that I dug out of storage. It has this really bold yellow color, so we started to weave in yellow tones throughout the room, which you see in the chairs and some of the details on the rugs.

The main rug is actually an indoor/outdoor rug from Rejuvenation with really soft and pretty color tones that we mixed in with the other rugs I scored at estate sales. Estate sales are also where I got some of the other really incredible pieces like the console, Safari chairs, baskets, and table base. They really add something special to the room.

Throughout the home you’ll find St. Frank pillows. The owner, Christina Bryant, has an incredible eye for texture and I just knew they would work perfectly for this house. I just love what they bring to the party. So, for the den, I incorporated some Moroccan pillows on the floor and threw some on the Safari chairs and couch so that there’s always a comfortable and cozy area for people to relax and have a good time.

Thank you so much for joining me and stay tuned for more from my Yucca Valley project, Oeste!