I am so excited to give you a tour of my largest design project to date, Oeste, with my dear friend Yayo! Today we’re taking a look at the front room.

When Yayo and I first walked into the house there was this funny little parlor that I nicknamed the Christmas Tree room because it really served no other purpose. But as Yayo and I spoke about it, we started to envision it as a place where you can go listen to a record and have a cup of coffee in this conservatory-like space. And when I think of a conservatory, I think of plants, so I connected with my good friend Haley McMillen to handle Oeste’s plant design. 

We were fortunate that the room has all of this light pouring in from both sides, so it let Haley really fill in the room with beautiful green life. Taking care of plants can be such a meditative practice and I really loved that idea for this room that’s meant to be a thoughtful space to enjoy with coffee and take it all in. 

Haley and I really clicked when we were talking about how we work from a design perspective because we both focus so much on the impact of walking into a space. A space can totally shift your mood, whether it be calming, energizing, etc., which is something I really love about design, and the plants really enhanced the layout to create this oasis within the home. 

For the layout itself, I turned to Rejuvenation. I love working with them and everything they make like the lounge chairs we put it that are incredibly comfortable. For the plants I wanted something that felt modern and fresh, but without that stark shiny effect that really didn’t fit the vibe we were going for, so we opted for these really lovely terracotta planters in a variety of shapes and sizes, which ended up creating this beautiful vignette, where, although it doesn’t match perfectly, they all go together really well. I love the traditional mid-century-inspired wall bookcase too. It’s really modular and became this added space to create little stories based on what’s placed there. 

We ended up going with Limestone from Dunn Edwards for the wall color. We wanted to differentiate this room from the rest of the house that’s done in a lovely Swiss white coffee and so sought out a soft and very subtle green. What was so cool about this color was you couldn’t really tell it was green coming out of the can, but took on this really beautiful silver agave color, which looks gorgeous with all of the plants. 

The whole house has Hudson Valley lighting and I love how architectural and simple the pendant light we chose is because it’s a great piece but doesn’t take away from all of the other really interesting textures happening in the space like the cool and unique things we’ve collected from estate sales that add even more character to such a transformative space. 

Thank you so much for joining me on the tour through our front room at Oeste! Stay tuned for more from my Yucca Valley project and make sure to follow Haley McMillen on Instagram to see all of the cool and beautiful things she’s working on.