I am so excited to give you a tour of my largest design project to date, Oeste, with my dear friend Yayo! Today we’re taking a look at the living room. 

One of the main ideas behind Oeste was not only to be a place to stay and host events, but for photography and photoshoots. When it came to the design, we looked to one of Los Angeles’ most famous locations, the Philip Dixon house, so we wanted to make sure the spaces were really adaptive, and the living room became one of those spaces. It has fresh white walls and sleek concrete floors and, though simple, is still architectural and interesting. An example being the built-in couch/bench that’s inspired by the built-in furniture at the Philip Dixon house. We connected with Concrete Collaborative to install it in this lovely terrazzo and we really loved how it looked and felt so we ended up weaving it throughout the house because it’s an important part of Mexican design and architecture, which reflects Yayo’s heritage and the inspiration behind the home.

Because of the more industrial materials like rock and concrete, softness was really important, so I had a company in Morocco that works with local seamstresses and weavers to custom make these beautiful white pillows that I mixed in with different textured and colored pillows by Elle Louise that mesh really well along with the Terracotta Kuba Cloth pillows by St. Frank

Originally, we were planning on doing a built-in adobe-style fireplace that was all plaster, but it reached outside of our budget forcing us to decide between the fireplace or a lot of other ideas in store for Oeste. So, we opted for this really awesome 1970’s fireplace from The Retro Burn, which is run by this guy who has totally cornered the market on every badass mid-century modern fireplace in southern California. 

As always, we furnished the room with Rejuvenation furniture. I’ve had my eyes on the Shaw Lounge Chairs for a long time because they have such an early 1950s midcentury feel that’s Danish but also Japanese modern with a really beautiful mix of leather and woven sisal that brings some warmth into the minimal white space. 

All of the rugs in the house are Rejuvenation as well and I love them because they each have a fantastic texture and different color palette. For the living room, we went with something that really kept with the light, white space. 

I really wanted to create as much light as possible and I became obsessed with the idea of putting a window in the middle of the wall, so we punched a hole through the wall between the living and front room to create this amazing breezeway window that, initially, we imagined in breezeway blocks, but ended up using the beautiful terrazzo we had leftover. It created this really unique triangular shaped window, which is really cool because it creates  a really interesting feature in the living room and additional lighting in the front room that filters everything in in a really beautiful way. For added lighting, we put in this beautiful table lamp from Troy Lighting that has this gorgeous patina and weathered quality that suits itself to the space. 

Finally, the main and most hands-on piece is the coffee table. We have so many incredible rocks on this property that we thought it would be really cool to make a coffee table out of them, especially thinking how budget-friendly it would be. As much of a project as it was, which involved Yayo cutting into some granite (definitely worthy of a merit badge in manliness), it was so worth it. I love how it looks like the glass is just floating over the rocks and brings another minimalistic and organic quality to the room. 

Thank you so much for joining and make sure to follow Oeste on Instagram to see all of the fun new things we’re posting about the property! Stay tuned for more!