I’m so excited to give you a look at the beautiful main bedroom and bathroom at Oeste—my largest design project to date with my good friend Yayo!

Prior to its transformation, the bed was situated on the opposite wall facing away from the beautiful landscape behind it, so the first thing I wanted to do was flip it so you could look out at the bunnies and quail that roam around in the mornings. To make the view even more impactful, I pulled inspiration from an artist’s retreat in Arizona that has this incredible circular window, which I thought would be really cool as a reading nook.

The funny thing was after drawing up exactly what I envisioned and the contractors asked how deep we wanted the window to be, I said it had to be deep enough that my hips could fit in it. Well, the first go-round didn’t cut it, so I actually sat down and had them measure my hip width so that I was comfortably held—because you shouldn’t be teetering on the edge when relaxing with a book. It’s such a beautiful and cozy feature in the room.

When thinking more about the interior, Yayo and I were drawn to one of our travels to San Miguel Allende—a town renowned for its beauty with incredible sunset tones, which we wanted to capture here. We started by applying a gorgeous golden shade of yellow to the walls called Deserted Path by Dunn Edwards. I love how earthy, yet sophisticated it is.

For the bed, nightstand, and other furniture, I looked to Rejuvenation. I wanted to do something that felt a little more classic, so I went with their walnut pieces that have these beautiful rich wood tones. I even included one of their flat weave rugs, which I have in the Kitchy Cabin and my own master bedroom. The color is so lovely and it has an incredible texture.

Comfort and a good night’s rest are absolutely key, especially when on a much-needed getaway, so I immediately thought of Avocado Mattress for our beds. After a test-run, I put one in each bedroom at Oeste. They’re 100% organic and handmade in California, which I love, and the organic wool and cotton give them an incredibly plush feel. They even contour to your body, which makes them so cozy. For the bedding, I reached out to Coyuchi. It’s all organic and so thoughtfully made. We went with a beautiful deep orange rust tone and this really sexy blush from their Loreto collection, then added some beautiful throw pillows from Eloise.

Hovering above the bed is this incredible dried yucca, which was inspired by an eye-catching dried quixote leaning against the wall of a really cool bar in Oaxaca. I love how it adds such an architectural and fun touch.

I love working with Hudson Valley Lighting and used them for all of the lighting in the house. For the master bedroom we kept with a sort of brass theme and went with something a little more industrial looking.

We accented the room with these fantastic handmade ceramics from Oaxaca, some vintage books, and artwork with an icy blue pop found from Society 6. I love working with them because there are just so many choices and artists on their platform that you can find almost anything.

When it comes to a main bathroom, I love the idea of something luxurious and spa-like. Keeping in those sunset tones, all of the Signature Hardware plumbing fixtures are in aged bronze, which lends an aged copper feel that’s very warm.

What’s great about them is I’ve never been in a position where I can’t find exactly the right thing. They have so many different types of finishes and really striking and sophisticated styles. The counters are made with the same terrazzo found in the kitchen from Concrete Collaborative, which was done in Laguna Blonde. It’s really beautiful and warm.

One of the most exciting things about working with Concrete Collaborative for all of the terrazzo in the home is that it works indoors and outdoors, so we created one continuous floor that travels from the bathroom out toward the stunning oversized copper tub from Signature Hardware. It’s such a moment. You can soak while taking in the beautiful boulders and bunnies during the day and shut off all the lights to catch the breathtaking Milky Way at night.  It really makes for a beautiful and unique experience.

Thank you so much for joining me on a closer look at my Yucca Valley project and stay tuned for more upcoming projects!