Hey guys! I’m so excited to share the pink room, or what I like to call Genie’s Bottle at Oeste—my latest design project with my good friend Yayo. 

I grew up watching a lot of Nick at Nite and as a small girl I thought Genie’s Bottle was the most epic room of all time, so I really wanted to recreate something like that here, but with an Oeste twist. When Yayo and I were talking about it, we thought of Luis Barragan’s signature pink. Barragan is an internationally renowned architect from Mexico and when I visited one of his homes it had this incredible pink sweep up one of the stairwells. So, I sifted through Dunn Edwards’ catalogue and found a very similar color called Berry Riche. And when I pick a color, I really like committing to it, so what we have here is a very maximum pink room.

The room has a lot of really fun textures and different elements to it like the drapes from one of my favorite design groups called Folk Project that works with indigenous women from places like Mexico and Guatemala. The drapes are made from Peruvian frazada with pom poms produced by women in Guatemala. I love the way they look so I also added a frazada to the bed that acts as an accent blanket. 

Getting a good night’s rest is so important, so we wanted to make sure we had the most comfortable mattresses around, which is why we went with Avocado mattresses. They’re organic and made in California, which I love. You get such an incredible night’s rest with them so I made sure to have them in all of the bedrooms at Oeste. We dressed the bed with the most soft and supple organic cotton percale from Coyuchi in Natural. There’s so much pink happening in the room I thought having something more neutral on the bed made sense. 

I love the pillows in here because they echo one of my favorite features in the room—the ceiling. We went with St. Frank because they source goods from all over the world and have the most amazing textures. The owner, Christina Bryant, is fantastic. We both own businesses in the same neighborhood (mine being Sweet Laurel) and so I came across her store and fell in love with her pieces. The pillows in here are just an example of the amazing textiles she pulls from.

Another great feature is the bougainvillea on the wall that Yayo and I cut (with permission!) from his local community garden. I called up my friend who’s a florist  to make sure we could dry them first and she said yes, so we clipped some, dried them, and created this big, fluffy, effervescent pink cloud hovering above the bed. It’s a really beautiful and special addition.

Framing the bed we have eye-catching hanging light fixtures from Mitzi. I love how they set off the most stunning ambient glow, which makes it such a pleasant light to have on in the evening. 

On the other side of the room is this amazing faded red 1940’s drawer that almost reads pink. I scored it at Round Top—one of the largest flea markets in the country—from Rejuvenation, which is one of my favorite companies to work with. They source amazing antiques and when I found this piece I told them not to touch it so it’d keep the antiquey look that works perfectly in this room.

A lot of the other cool objects in the room are from my travels to Mexico with Yayo like the ceramics from local artists in Oaxaca and this incredible collection of masks from Senora that create a really nice vignette in the room. I also found the most amazing skull candle made by a talented artisan in Oaxaca that sun bleaches her beeswax by sticking it on a mesquite bush, which acts as a bunch of toothpicks, and creates this epic cloud of wax right in the middle of her front courtyard. I loved how it looked, so I picked a branch from one of the many mesquite bushes here on the property, created my own little beeswax circles, and stuck them on the branches. It’s sort of an homage to her and adds something really cool and special to the space. 

Thanks so much for joining me in the pink room and make sure to stay tuned for more from my Yucca Valley project!

Details on the space: