I feel like when you hit 30, your uniform starts to form. At least for me, I stopped chasing trends as much and started to focus on the cuts, colors, and looks that work best for me. The previous decade of experimenting was fun (remember super low cut jeans?), but now I’m at a place where I have my foundational pieces and work in trendy pieces if they fit my silhouette. So when Kohl’s reached out about being featured in a shoot with Lauren Conrad for LC Lauren Conrad, and trying out different denim pieces from the collection – I jumped at the chance. Not only do I love Lauren and her website, but I LIVE for and in denim, all day. Maybe it’s the LA girl in me, but I feel like you can wear a good pair of jeans any time – casual or honestly, even pretty formal with the right accessories and styling.

I hadn’t tried LC Lauren Conrad jeans before, and was excited to see the latest designs and silhouettes. Honestly, after having a baby, trying on jeans is not my favorite activity because things aren’t exactly where I left them. I have a bit of “mom belly” and my hips are wider (they separated by 2 cm when I gave birth), so finding jeans for slim legs and broad hips is not the easiest combo. Also, I need them to be higher waisted – I’m constantly on the floor, playing with my son, bending over to pick up something he dropped, or having my shirt pulled up by his little paws. I don’t need to flash mom belly to the world!

I chose a straight leg, light washed denim with a little bit of distressing. They hit just above the ankle, a cut that I think is pretty universally flattering, and the rips are just enough to be edgy without being too much. I wore some heavily distressed jeans after James was born, and there are now two giant holes from my knee to my thigh on both sides – my constant movement looking after the baby ripped open all of the distressed parts of the jeans. So having a small amount of distressing is perfect for me. The 4-way stretch in the LC Lauren Conrad jeans was amazing. They felt really comfortable, but still had a bit of structure, and because of the stretch, they contoured my body really well. My legs and hips felt equally loved, a miracle!

I paired the jeans with a super comfortable heeled mule and a bell sleeved blouse in a soft pink floral. I own a few of this blouse from the LC Lauren Conrad line – they’re so flattering and comfortable.

I felt comfortable and stylish, which is everything I can want in a pair of jeans. Thanks Kohl’s for including me in this campaign! I had a great time, and have been loving my pair of jeans.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you from this campaign in the coming weeks, stay tuned!