Next on the Sweet Laurel Cottage tour is the guest and master bathrooms. Let’s start with the guest bathroom first! This was meant to be a powder room, but also needed to be Nico’s bathroom. I am a big believer in a crazy powder room because it’s such a small space and you can take a big swing without making a big impact on the house. It’s a place you can take some risks and have fun.

For this room, we wanted to have fun, but Laurel reminded me that Nico is a growing boy and he can’t be embarrassed to brush his teeth in this space. The room couldn’t be super femme and we needed to do something classic. We started looking at textures and fell in love with this Tusk tile from Fire Clay Tiles. I love Fire Clay Tiles and work with them for almost every project I do. They have the best variety of colors. 

When you start looking at white tile, you start to realize the subtle differences in hues and how it really affects the light in the room. It has a high variance and each tile has a slightly different color so you get this amazing watercolor effect. Tusk is milky and the most perfect white I’ve ever found. 

To accent the tile, we chose a wallpaper from Hygge and West that has a more playful quality. Wallpaper is a great opportunity to bring a little bit of flavor into the room. I love this pattern we chose. It’s very delicate, and not in your face and has a hand drawn effect. 

A claw foot tub was a non negotiable for Laurel. I knew the tub needed to have it’s moment and that it should be placed on the wall next to the window to make the perfect photo ready moment. 

The light fixtures throughout the house are from Hudson Valley Lighting. I love these scones because they have just enough drama and tow the line of being old world, but still modern.

Laurel and I love True Botanicals products. You will see them placed all throughout our houses. It is important to Laurel to use clean beauty products that she doesn’t have to worry about Nico using. So you will find some of her favorites in the guest bathroom. 

Next let’s move into the master bathroom. I am obsessed with this room because Laurel let me go totally psycho in here! It is my favorite room of all time – the sexiest bathroom that transports you into a sea of green. I found this beautiful venetian green tile from Fire Clay and asked Laurel what she thought about doing an emerald green bathroom. She loved the color so she thought I meant just the floors – but I said no, an entirely green bathroom. And green we did!

Laurel wanted to talk to her husband Nick about it first. He is an engineer and did all of the engineering for the house. He told us Laurel could do whatever she wanted, so we did it big! We chose Evergreen by Fire Clay Tiles to cover the floor and shower. 

The shower is a beautiful steam shower with a sound system that Nick put in. We needed to have a big wow moment and wanted to really commit to the green vibe. I love how it came out.

For the walls, we did Mission Jule by Dunn Edwards. It’s such a fun contrast to the super soft, pink master bedroom. You walk into the bathroom and it’s a vibe. We complimented the green with all brass fixtures. 

We chose beautiful art deco sconces from Corbett Lighting. These are one of the more modern lighting pieces we did, but they are super glamorous and made sense for this space.

Thanks so much for following along!

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