I’m so excited to share more from my largest project to date, Oeste, with my good friend Yayo! The vision for our Yucca Valley oasis was inspired by our travels to Mexico and Morocco, which are known for their rich culture and eye-catching colors.

I have a philosophy that when creating a home, especially one that isn’t your primary residence, it should really transport you. To do that we created unique experiences throughout the property, including one of my favorites: the stock tank pool overlooking the breathtaking Yucca Valley.

Initially, we wanted to do an unground pool, but it was well outside of our budget so we had to get inventive. The stock tank pool was such a fun and easy solution. We used Home Depot’s flagstone and gravel for the foundation and placed one of their stock tanks right where you can soak and swim all while taking in the desert landscape. We spruced it up with one of their beautiful umbrellas for a real R&R getaway feel without having to jetset. It’s the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine while watching the sunset out over the valley.

Thanks so much for joining! Stay tuned for more on my Yucca Valley project that Home Depot really helped come to life.