I am lucky enough to have so many wonderful holiday memories from my childhood, and one of the most vivid is my Aunt Tina’s infamous and colossal stockings! I’m not lying when I say they stretched to 3ft long just from the weight of the gifts. On Christmas Eve, when all my extended family got together to celebrate the season, Tina passed out stockings filled with paper crowns, Chinese finger traps, and chocolate oranges. Like Mary Poppins’ bag, we never knew what we’d pull out, and the fun came not just in the gifts themselves, but in reaching deep into the oversized stockings and revealing each new treat!

For this holiday season, I’m starting a new stocking tradition of my own for Craig and James, and I love the idea of filling our stockings with chocolates and desserts from GODIVA. The whimsical packaging and the decadent new flavors of GODIVA’s new Holiday Desserts Collection like Dark Chocolate Pecan, Milk Chocolate Almond Cookie, and Dark Pear Vanilla will make their stockings such a parade of joyful surprises. For all your holiday parties, I also think the idea of a stocking stuffed full of GODIVA’s Holiday Desserts Collection makes for a very special host or hostess gift. Along with the chocolates, you could also include a vintage cup and saucer for serving hot cocoa or an orange studded with cloves!