I am so excited to share the progress of my latest design project in Venice. I helped my good friend Jessi Ramseier Gadhia redesign her home (called Zuhause) and we are so happy with the results! Here I am going to walk you through the master and guest bathrooms. 

Let’s start with the master bathroom. The main idea for the space was creating a zen place where Jessi could retreat after a crazy day at work.

We chose a beautiful, soft, milky colored tile from Fireclay Tile in this space. I love Fireclay tiles because they are all hand made so you get these amazing organic lines and they don’t look machine made.

The bath fixtures in this room are chrome and they are a nice contrast to the brass light fixtures we chose. Here we have these gorgeous brass pendant lights from Hudson Valley Lighting. When you are selecting light fixtures in bathrooms it’s easy to want to go for something architectural and cool, but most of the time it not the most flattering light. These pendants from Hudson Valley are so flattering and amazing.

When selecting fixtures, people tend to get stressed that everything has to match perfectly, but I love playing with warm and cool tones for a more interesting effect.

In the shower, we went with these beautiful sleek and modern fixtures from Delta. It is a really nice contrast to a lot of the more organic elements we have going on.

We used Bauwerk paint, but did something a little different than the rest of the house. We did the Lime wash and then added two layers of Chalk to lighten it up. It gave the space an amazing texture, and was something completely custom that is a work of art.

The cabinets all throughout the house are by Reform Design. They are a European company that works with designers to create amazing cabinet fronts that go onto Ikea bases.

Now let’s move into the guest bathroom. We used this incredible glazed brick tile from Fireclay Tile in the color Elk. It’s still very neutral, and to add interest here we did thick bands of grout that made the space look very architectural.

We chose matte black fixtures from Delta. The contrast is so beautiful. Then we mixed in the brass lighting from Hudson Valley Lighting which looks beautiful together.

The wall color is in the same family of warm neutrals. It is the Lime Paint from Bauwerk in the color Mykonos. It’s really pretty and softens everything in the room.

Instead of stone floors, we decided to let the Duchateau flooring from the rest of the house go all the way in and it looks fantastic! 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the bathrooms at Zuhause.

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