I am so excited to share more progress of Zuhause. I helped my good friend Jessi Ramseier Gadhia redesign her home and we are so happy with the results! Today I am going to share the main event – the kitchen and living spaces. 

The first time I walked into the kitchen, it was so dark and it bothered Jessi so much. We decided to pop out as much space as humanly possible to get the light bouncing and make it an open and bright room.

We used a glazed brick from Fireclay Tile in the color Elk as the backsplash for a beautiful warm green limestone effect.

All of the cabinets in the house are by Reform Design. Reform is a European company that works with designers to create amazing cabinet fronts that go onto Ikea bases. 

The knobs on the cabinets are by Rejuvenation. We did these amazing oval knobs in an unlacquered brass. I love Rejuvenation because they take classic design aesthetics and reinterpret them for modern homeowners. The unlacquered brass is amazing because over time it will darken and patina. 

I love the hardware on the fridge so much and the Smeg oven is just incredible. It adds a touch of vintage to the space.

We did a lovely European style wood floor from Duchateau in the color Chloe throughout the entire house. It’s so warm and bright.

We chose more of the chrome Delta features in the kitchen. They are very minimalistic and sleek and create a great conversation with the brass light fixtures from Hudson Valley Lighting

Now let’s move into the dining room. We made this incredible built in feature wall behind the dining table. Jessi has so many beautiful pieces to put on display so I love how this space became a way to show off her art. The carpenter did such a good job matching the wood for this built in to the Duchateau flooring – it looks like it’s the same material!

We found this spectacular japanese fishnet light from Troy Lighting to go above the dining table. On the walls we used a limewash from Bauwerk. I love that no matter where the light hits in the room, you get this amazing warmth and texture. It is so homey and cozy.

Over the couch, Jessi and Sammir have this beautiful woven piece that they found on one of their travels. It is a remake of a Jackson Pollock work in woven form. When I walked into the room, it was the first thing I saw and it told me so much about Jessi. It’s got that organic chaos, but has a really beautiful minimalistic contrast. 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the living spaces at Zuhause.

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